-  I want to study at ATCC. How do I apply? Can you send me an application form?
You can apply through EAA website or through fax, e mail or even by phone contact. All ATCC contact points are available within EAA website (Contact Us). You can also find the application form on the website

  - What is the language of training?
All ATCC training courses are conducted in English language. The course materials are also in English Language.
Most of ATCC courses, specially the long qualification courses, include aviation English and / or aviation technical English modules to support the training process

   - How do I pick up my degree certificate? I've lost my original certificate - can I get a copy?

You can deliver your certificate at the end of your course and after you pass all the final exams successfully.
In case of losing the original one, you can ask for a copy after paying the required fees for issuing it. Only first time issuing is for free.

   - What is the training testing and evaluation procedure applied in ATCC?
  ATCC applies practical and written testing systems in its courses according to the subject    and nature of the course.

   - In case of being failed in passing a written or a practical exam what shall be the next step?

At this case, there will be a re- exam for either a written or a practical one. Should be mentioned that the student should get the minimum percentage required to successfully pass an exam in ATCC which is 70%

 - What is the currency used in paying the training fees?
Training fees are to be paid mainly in US Dollars. However, ATCC accepts, especially for Egyptian trainees,the    payment in Egyptian pounds.

   - Can I pay the training fees in installments?
 Yes, Training fees can be paid in installments system so as to completely finish the payment process before the end of the training course.

   - What if I registered and paid for a course and then decided to withdraw for personal reasons? Can I return my money back?

Paid training fees can be returned with some penalties according to the date of cancellation.

   - where are the practical and OJT parts of ATCC courses, if any, conducted?

 Practical and On the job Training is conducted in Cairo Airport, Egypt air, National Air Navigation Company and Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.



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