In the light of the rapid and finite development of the civil aviation   industry and due to the basis of Egypt’s unique location in the Middle   East and its economic leadership and ambitions to revive trade and tourism market, necessitated the re-formulation of its policy and   the   adoption of strategies that suites the challenges of the present times,   guided by models of governance and administrative consistent with modern ideas.
The plane is a very complex machine of precision and integrated of its equipment's and regulations, so as to obtain the highest degree of   safety and reliability.
All systems operating in that domain must also have the   characteristics   of the system that integrated with the work environment of the aviation field.

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Axes used by the college to achieve the goals

- Appropriate legislation.

- The optimum use of the potentialities available to suit goals.

- Using the modern data, science, and studying and analyzing.

- The curriculum, the teacher and the trainee are the focus of
   the educational process as well as the facilities and training
   aids reveal innovation and creativity.

With a long history and global expertise offers scientific and practical training for pilots to be capable of carrying job responsibilities.
The academy got the recognition and the approval of the ministry of Civil Aviation Organization for all its colleges as a Regional Training Center in Africa and in Middle East.
It was the first academy to get this approval as well as the admission of teaching Aviation Medicine to become the first State adopts this of specialization after being confined to military aviation institutes.

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The Academy got certified for all the colleges individually as well as for teaching
of aviation medicine thus we become the first State to adopt this specialization which
was limited to military aviation schools
      - The Egyptian aviation  academy applies the highest standards of safety
      - The training programs are carried out according to the most innovated and updated
         international standards.
      - The academy is characterized by its highly qualified staff, training aids and tools
         that enable it to develop and upgrade continuously.
      - The academy includes all the facilities, the possibilities, and the required
         infrastructure for educational and training process.
      -  We believe that work is the true scale of the value of human being –and science is
         still the core of human progress throughout history.
      - We are grateful to those who preceded us to get the academy to the top .that
         qualifies its  graduates to the highest degrees of proficiency and skill.
      - Our target is to achieve the utmost as possible

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