Historical background of Air Traffic Control College

• The College of Air Traffic Control has been established since 1991.
• It's the first College in the Middle East and Africa that graduates qualified air Traffic Controllers.

• This College is one of three colleges on the international level that grants University Degree.

• The graduates work as Air Traffic Controllers, according to the National Air Navigation Services Company requirements, which are approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The College is currently developed and provided with the modern training equipment. It coincides with the latest Aviation systems and management that upgraded the Aviation movement through satellites, to become one of the top specialized global Colleges in this field.

Eligibility Requirements for Enrollment:

1- B.sc University Degree
2- Pass the medical and psychological tests at Air Force Medical Center (on his own expense).
3- Pass the English Language Test, Computer Skills Test, and the interview.

Required Documents:

1- A Copy of B.sc University Degree.
2- A copy of Birth Certificate or an authorized copy of it.
3- 6 recent photographs.
4- Military Service Status (for Egyptians only). .

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