Course Objectives

After having successfully completed this course, the trainee will be able to:
• Define the responsibilities of air traffic control for transferring the arriving and departing traffic and apply speed control.
• Apply standard phraseology for departing/ arriving aircraft and fill the strip (departure\arrival) as required.
• Identify and apply the appropriate separation minima and criteria.
• Apply the concepts of transition altitude, transition level, QNH and QFE to altimetry problems.
• Apply appropriate approach control procedures.
• Identify the coordination required and specify the form the coordination should take.
• Respond to emergency and abnormal situations.


1- Introduction to approach control service
2- Introduction to strip marking and phraseology
3- Separation
4- Altimeter setting procedure
5- Approach control procedures
6- Coordination
7- Meteorology
8- Emergency
9- Practical exercises