Frequently asked questions

1- Where is the flight training?

-The basic flight training is in October airport, and sometimes at El Tor airport or Assiut airport. In some cases landing at Cairo International Airport.

2- What are the steps that I follow to join the college?

- Submission and withdrawal of files from the headquarters of the Academy at the airport in October, or from the building of the Ministry of Civil Aviation Fifth Floor, section b.

3- What are the entry requirements?

- The conditions are as follows:
- Obtaining a High School Certificate (scientific / literary) or its equivalent from foreign certificates or University Certificate.
- The Academy accepts males and females.
- Age at least 17 years.
- The student shall pass all tests successfully (Medical Check - English Language - Computer Skills - Personal Interview).

4- What about the academies that advertise themselves in Egypt and declare that they cost less expenses to learn to fly in Egypt?

- It should be noted that the Egyptian Aviation Academy is the only Academy approved and authorized only and exclusively, for the Arab Republic of Egypt by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, to train in the field of civil aviation and not any other party.
As for the other bodies, they do not have any license, and can be confirmed by reference to the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

5- Are there other accredited academies in Egypt?

- No. The Civil Aviation Authority may be consulted for confirmation.

6- There are advertisements on the Ring Road and on El Orouba Street about the Aviation Academy in South Africa give accredited aviation licenses?

- We emphasize on the above mentioned, that the Egyptian Aviation Academy is the only academy accredited by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

7- Are the licenses (licenses) and certificates, to be obtained abroad, accredited in Egypt or an equivalence must be done?

-Equivalence must be done at the Egyptian Aviation Academy, and its cost is in the range of 6,950$.

8- How many aircraft in the training fleet at the Academy?

- Twenty-eight modern aircraft, including four new ones, were delivered in December 2017, and the fleet has glass cabin.

9- Do you accept foreign students?

-Yes. The Academy accepts all students of all nationalities and welcomes them. We already have many foreign students from different countries, who have joined the airlines in their country after graduation.

10- There is an academy declaring itself as an aviation academy in South Africa, and claims that the graduation certificate does not need equivalence in Egypt, and that the cost only is 35000$, and there is a job after graduation. Is this true?

- We always emphasize that the Egyptian Aviation Academy is the only Egyptian Academy authorized to train students on aviation, and is accredited by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
The equivalence of the certificate is essential for any student who studied aviation outside Egypt, and it must be done.
Job opportunities come through the airlines' need for new pilots, and the promise to work after graduation requires work permit for foreigners, which is prohibited by the Labor Law there, especially there are pilots who have priority in these jobs, and are never given to foreigners.
Offering jobs opportunities are the words of marketing, and have no guarantee at all.