Admission Requirements:
1-  GCSE or equivalent or list by the student’s degrees, approved by the concerned 
      education administration.  For non-Egyptian students, a documentation of the certificate or
      the educational qualification form, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry is required.

2-Birth Certificate.

3-12 recent colored photographs with white background.

4-Proper functioning &behavior certificate (school or university).

5- 4 copies of Egyptian student's ID or foreigner student's passport.

6- A copy of the father's or mother's ID

7-(2) criminal status forms:
                      * One for Misr Flying College
                      * One for Ministry of Civil Aviation.

8- Position of recruitment form (model 2) solider, for students of the integrated programs.

9- Students are required to pay 300 dollars in the CIB bank for the account of
      Egyptian Aviation Academy OR in the National Bank of Egypt as (Tuition Fees )

10- All the following, are arranged by the student's affair office in MFC.
      a) An admission English Language Test
      b) A computer test
      c) A medical examination




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