- Do you offer assistance and facilities for granting visas for non-Egyptian students to
  study at Misr Flying College?


- Is there a means of transport for students?

Yes, there are free air-conditioned means of transport to get students to the college and to get them back to their accommodations

 - Can the non-Egyptian applicant do the required medical examination in his/her own country?
No, the student must do the medical examination in Egypt and the medical examination in the examining medical center must be undertaken under the authority of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to be accredited.

- Can I be enrolled in studying aviation in case of wearing medical glasses?

Yes, but the final decision is given by the Aeronautical Medical Council, Ministry of Civil Aviation, its comprehensive medical examination decides for sure the degree of eye sight weakness and its effect on the student’s operation in the field of aviation

- What is the wage rate of living in Egypt?

Rate of living in Egypt ranges between 1000 -2000 pounds per month.

 - Is it necessary to wear the college uniform all the time?

 Yes, you must wear the college uniform all the time.

 - Is the certificate obtained by the student from Misr flying College acknowledged nationally and internationally?

The aviation training courses of Misr Flying College are officially approved by International Aviation ECAA

 - What are the qualifications of the faculty members who are in Misr Flying college?
Faculty members teaching at the Academy of Civil Aviation are highly experienced in the aviation world in general fewer teachers worked  more than 10000 hours of teaching.

- Is the Egyptian Aviation Academy responsible for the appointment of students in Egypt      Air immediately after graduation from college?

The college is not responsible for the appointment of students after graduation, but the priority is to recruit students who graduated from the college

 - Does the college defer recruitment?

 The College does not postpone the recruitment as the applicant is still young (17 years).  After graduating you  can apply for the recruitment.

- What is the salary earned by the student upon joining the work at airlines?

The salary of pilots usually calculated hour flight, but vary from one company to another company and you can ask at Egypt Air as an example of airlines, for more information in this respect.

 - Is there a boarding college?

No boarding altogether except in the airport five-star hotel special for students of the college

 - What is the duration of the study altogether?
Ranging from 12 to 14 months

 - What is the expenses of studying aviation at Misr Flying College?
  single engine (propeller) 49 000 $ /  multi engine (propeller ) 51 000 $ / multi engine( Jet ) 53 000 $

   - What are the licenses that the study obtains by after graduation from Misr Flying College?
Private Pilot License PPL / Instrument Rating IR / Commercial Pilot License CPL
/ Air Transport Pilot License ATP

   - Do I have to be fluent in English to be accepted in the college?
    Yes, because the study Is all in English

   - What is the position of the student Recruitment After Graduation?
     Students are treated as Egyptian University graduates


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